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Our Business is
to Re-Design Yours

For over 10 years Maria Alonso has been creating exceptional spaces for professionals that result in better workflows and sensory experiences. Now, lead designer at Edexa Design, Maria and her team proudly serve Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas with high-end commercial interior & exterior design.

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Commercial Interior Design

Whether you are looking to expand your workspace due to growth, build out a new restaurant, create energetic hotel public spaces, or you just want to convert an existing building into a well-designed office space that aligns with your brand, Edexa Design has the expertise and vision to support your commercial interior design project.

Landscape Architecture & Design

From serene walkways to memorable entrances, allow Edexa Design to dream up something remarkable for your next exterior project. We are specialized in landscape architecture and design in South Florida and can provide 3D renderings to help you visualize the end result.

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Serving South Florida

We are located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and provide full-service commercial design to organizations and businesses across South Florida.

Our Mission is Clear

Edexa Design, Inc. is dedicated to the highest quality of commercial interior and exterior design delivered with innovation, originality, and ingenuity. Our mission is to help our customers thrive by offering unique, stylish, and timeless designs while creating functional, dynamic, and distinguished environments.

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